Professional Liability

Don’t be blindsided by a negligence lawsuit

Professional Liability Insurance is a necessity for any small business that provides advice or services to customers. Without it, your company can be exposed to claims of negligence regardless of whether you actually made a mistake or not. With Professional Liability Insurance from Fallgatter Rhodes, you will be protected if a client ever tries to sue you for negligence of any kind.

With Professional Liability Insurance you will receive protection from:

  • Libel & Slander - covers you and your employees in matters of libel or slander.
  • Negligence - covers your company in the case of omission, error or failure to provide service.
  • Copyright Infringement - covers your business for damages stemming from an infringement of an existing copyright.

These claims can be some of the most expensive to pay out and that’s not even mentioning the legal fees these types of cases can bring as well. Let Fallgatter Rhodes keep your business safe with Professional Liability Insurance that allows you and your employees to work with confidence.