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Go beyond everyday payroll functions with Paylocity’s cloud-based, user-friendly payroll solution, Web Pay. From custom reports to proactive features like the pre-process register to evaluating compliance with The Affordable Care Act (ACA), the accuracy and time saved is astronomical. Bottom line: Web Pay improves your work life.


    Alleviate the stress of complying with the ACA by leveraging solutions designed to minimize administrative burden and ensure compliance.


    Trust that your tax filings (even ACA reporting and filing) will be done correctly and on time, and remove the burden of liability on you.


With a time and labor solution that combines flexibility and scalability, you gain the valuable insight needed to make the most of your time and attendance data. Paylocity’s time and labor solution is fully integrated with Web Pay, eliminating manual tracking and data entry while ensuring accuracy and compliance.


Web Pay’s all-encompassing talent management software makes maximizing your employees’ potential not only easier, but strategic. Execute effectively with applicant tracking, built-in 360 reviews, goal management, and peer-to-peer recognition with effective business intelligence capability.


    No matter the size of your organization, quickly fill jobs by efficiently posting open positions, screening candidates, and reporting on progress.


Ensure your employees complete benefit enrollment through custom announcements, enrollment rules, and eligibility groups with Web Benefits. Both you and your employees will enjoy an attractive and intuitive employee self-service, online benefits enrollment tool that works seamlessly with Web Pay to automate benefit deductions.


Automate daily tasks, leverage key HR data to identify trends, and improve engagement with integrated tools designed to enhance how you manage your company’s most valuable asset—its employees. Features within Advanced HR go a step beyond everyday HR practices, allowing for deeper insights into the happenings of your organization.


    A central gateway to business activities, the Self-Service portal keeps employees, supervisors, and managers connected.


    Deliver the business intelligence you need with more than 100 standard reports, an easy-to-use report writer, HR insight charts, ACA reporting, point-in-time reporting, and more.


    Leverage technology for a seamless onboarding process that eliminates redundant data entry and provides an experience to engage new hires, administrators, and supervisors.


Built to be mobile-responsive, Paylocity software lets you view, manage, and update your system from smartphones, tablets and yes, your computer. With 24/7 access to payroll and HR information, engage your employees and modernize how you perform key tasks no matter where you are. Your employees can view paychecks, ask for time off, and even punch in right from the Paylocity Mobile App.